Uchino Towels – every day luxury for every occasion

Just in time for Christmas, the new collection of Uchino Towels has arrived at the Leafde Lifestyle gift store in the old centre of Amsterdam. Based in Tokyo, the Uchino company has specialised in towels for over 60 years. With this latest collection of luxury towels and bathroom accessories, Uchino aims to enhance the bathroom experience.

Uchino Towels at the Leafde Store
Uchino Towels

Highlights include the Air Waffle Towel, an ultra-light & fluffy towel made with engineered yarn that captures the air & is very fast drying. The ideal travelling companion!
Also available at Leafde, naturally produced Uchino towels using unbleached cotton yarn and all natural dyes (like chamomile and rosehip).

Uchino Towels Amsterdam
Uchino Towels at Leafde of Amsterdam

Last but not least, the extraordinary Kishu-Binchotan (or charcoal) towel & bathroom range. Kishu-Binchotan is a traditional Japanese charcoal using techniques going back 200 years. Made from oak, Binchotan charcoal absorbs chlorine and other chemicals contained in tap water while releasing natural minerals.

Uchino – a towel for every occasion – from baby’s bath time to the ultimate sports towel.
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