New Knitted Towels with a Dutch Theme by La Savonnerie

Add a touch of Dutch charm with the new super cute towels from Knit-tet that just arrived at La Savonnerie Boutique in Amsterdam. The gorgeous towels from La Savonnerie have a pretty theme of classic Dutch houses and come in three different colours: red, grey and blue. What makes these towels even more unique is that they are knitted in one of the last factories in Holland that specialize in knitted top quality towels.

Top Quality Knitted Towels from La Savonnerie
Top Quality Knitted Towels available at La Savonnerie

You can buy the new knitted Dutch towels online or pop in to the La Savonnerie boutique to discover more little treasures for your bathroom and not only. While you are there don’t forget to indulge yourself to the gorgeous smells of their well known handmade soap collection.